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Considering the fact that there are tons of mobile devices from various brands and several versions ofoperating systems to test a mobile app, automated packaging,and deployment and testing of mobile applications is the most sought after solution by mobile application development companies.

AutoRABIT.Mobi translates this vision to reality for mobile app development with the following powerful feature set:

  • Automated packaging, deployment and testing of mobile applications with support for Android, Blackberry OS, IOS etc.
  • Test Automation Integration with frameworks likefonemonkey ,robotium etc.
  • Automated testing capabilities on emulators as well as actual mobile device clusters.
  • Record and Playback feature for testing applications.
  • AutoRABIT can also integrate with external systems like Jira, Bugzilla ,TestManager  etc.
  • AutoRABIT is a complete team system, which development teams can use to discuss their day-to-day stand up meetings, and supports agile based development.