Today, data has a whole new meaning. With big data, analytics and social media playing a large role in businesses, data management and data analysis for decision making is a wide area for organizations to play in.

There are aspects to data:

  • Data availability – This could be as widespread as departments, organizations, market, industries, social media and publicly available sources
  • Data collection and analysis – With growing volume and scale of data, there are growing techniques to collecting and analyzing the data for use
  • Data as information – After data is analyzed and converted to information, it is then used to aid decision making across businesses

We believe that organizations have redesigned their core processes through data driven models, and have transformed the way they do their business with tremendous performance gains.  Our aim is to help organizations do business better by helping them handle and use data in an effective manner.
Our areas of expertise in data include:

  • Data Analysis - Design and development of advanced analytical models
  • Big Data Exploration – Exploring large chunks of data to identify key inputs to business strategy/planning
  • Fraud Detection – Sophisticated fraud detection algorithm to detect fraudulent entries in large clinical trials data
  • Failure Prediction – Early warning system for predicting potential failures in large and complex systems
  • Customer Analysis – Analysis of large amount of reports and social networking data to deliver key insights to improve customer retention
  • Image recognition – Artificial intelligence engine to do image recognition and diagnostic analysis on medical reports
  • Financial Risk Management – Smart data retrieval and predictive engine to minimize the risks of financial investments
  • Data Consultation - Defining a strategy for how to use data and analytics to compete, and deployment of the right technology and architecture