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AutoRABITForce is specifically designed as a tailor-made solution to meet the release management needs of Salesforce application development.

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Release Management for Salesforce today has the following 5 major challenges, which hamper organizationsto fully realize the value of the Salesforce rapid application development:

  • Migration of metadataanddata from one organization to another organization is heavily manual, and requires administrators to select each object and migrate the data manually for hours together.
  • There is no integrity check between the metadata layer and thedata layer to compare at the source and destination Salesforce organizations.
  • The lack of version control, branching model and change analysis built into the Salesforce Sandbox by design.
  • Test automation needs focus since every feature in a Salesforce application should be tested in 6 browsers for atleast 5 times in the life cycle of an application.
  • ALM Strategy for Cloud Applications needs to be overhauled since most of the enterprises that are going in for cloud-based application development are reluctant to use traditional ALM methods that require on-premise installations.

AutoRABITForce is the answer to enterprises that face these challenges with Salesforce.

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AutoRABIT Force Features

With  AutoRABIT.Force, Force.com development teams will have a greater control over the application development and enjoy more power from Salesforce with game-changing features like sandbox / production org change analysis , application migration to the sandbox , data lading to a cluster of sandboxes , 1-click sandbox promotions , Test Automation with their selenium wrapper library for Salesforce web tool kit etc.

AutoRABIT.Force can accelerate Salesforce application development with a rich set of features that are listed below:

  • Automated build, deployment and test execution  for every change done in the Sandbox / Salesforce Org
  • Integration with a wide range of Version Control Systems like Subversion , GIT etc.
  • SCM tagging of every milestone migration to production.
  • Click migration of application metadata as well as data loading into Sandboxes / Salesforce Org
  • Branching model designed for Salesforce Platform
  • Detailed Sandbox / Salesforce Org  Change Analysis from time to time
  • Sandbox refresh
  • Automated / 1-click promotions of Changes  to QA, Staging, Deployment Sandboxes / Org
  • Wrapper Framework built to automate functional testing of Salesforce with Selenium Framework (very low TCO)
  • Support  Cross Browser Testing
  • Powerful Dashboard View with ALM capabilities Providing useful information from Defect Tracker, Test Results, Project Management etc.,
  • Trends of the test failures 
  • Traceability feature to trace a test failures to the source change
  • Ability to log defects into project management systems like Jira from AutoRABIT itself.
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