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In addition to providing well-designed solutions targeted at specific platforms like Cloud , BPM etc., AutoRABIT has strong support for the traditional J2EE / . Net based applications with rich support buildmanagement, packaging, deployment and test automation for enterprise applications built on Java or .Net models.

Java / .Net Applications

AutoRABIT has the following features for release automation on Java / .Net based applications:

  • AutoRABIT is a continuous Integration framework that has ability to automatically build, deploy and test the software, along with the ALM capabilities to integrate the information from multiple sources of the project like project management, Defect Tracking systems, Code- Review and Code-Analysis systems to serve as a single source of all the information about the project.
  • AutoRABIT supports a wide-variety of Version Control Systems like Subversion,Clearcase , TFS,Starteam etc.
  • AutoRABIT can automate the build process with build tools like ANT,Maven , NANT,Shell, Make etc., and can build on both Windows and Linux Platforms seamlessly¬† in parallel .
  • AutoRABIT supportsautomated deployments and one-click promotions for stable builds on a wide range of application servers like Tomcat, WebLogic, Web Sphere,JBoss, IIS .
  • AutoRABIT has solid Test Automation integration built into it with adapters for Junit, Soap UI, Jmeter, NUnit ,Loadrunner etc., making it suitable for multiple testing phases like Unit Testing, Integration Testing , System Testing and playsan effective role in the release management of the software delivery.
  • AutoRABIT has a traceability component that can trace a test case error to a source change causing that test to fail.¬† In addition to that, functional test cases as well as requirements can be mapped to test automation suites, so that the failures of tests can be translated into functional units and help a great deal in granularizing the test results.
AutoRABIT for Java / .Net Applications