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AutoRABIT.BPM which is designed to meet the release management demands of applications built on BPM based products like Cordys , Oracle Fusion , Lombardi etc.

AutoRABIT can accelerate the application of development and streamline the release management on Cordys platform. It can take the QMS implementation of an IT enterprise to next level with feature set built exclusively to suit the needs of the development teams, release , QA and PMO teams involved in building applications on SOA based architecture .


For instance, the AutoRABIT BPM extended for a leading BPM product Cordys has the following well designed release management solution to meet the specific needs to Cordys BPM Platform.

  • Automation of the project builds (CWS Synchronization, CWS Build, CWS Publish and CWS  packaging) at scheduled times or on-demand from AutoRABIT UI
  • Automated Deployment/ Upgrade of ISVP. The built ISVP can be deployed/upgraded into the Test Server
  • Test execution on the deployed ISVP with support of JUnit, Soap UI (for web service testing), Selenium (for functional regression testing)
  • Static Code Analysis of Java Code as well as the Multi-browser Compliance requirements
  • Detailed change analysis for each and every check-in to the Version Control system
  • One-Click promotion of the ISVP into multiple environments like QA and support automated test execution of regression tests

AutoRABIT can also integrate with external systems like Jira, Bugzilla ,TestManager  etc., if they are available, and can show all the information of the project  at one place which is the ¬†AutoRABIT dashboard.