We help our clients enhance their enterprise agility by helping them make the right decisions with confidence supported by the right information extracted from data spread across departments/ organizations/ market/ social Media & publicly available data.


Our expertise includes

  • Design and develop advanced analytics models
  • Big Data Exploration – Where large chunks of data is explored to identify key inputs to business strategy/planning
  • Fraud Detection – Sophisticated fraud detection algorithm to detect fraudulent entries in large clinical trials data.
  • Failure Prediction – An early warning system is delivered for the large and complex medical system.
  • Customer Analysis – Large amount of reports and social networking data is analyzed to deliver key insights to improve customer retention.
  • Image recognition – Artificial intelligence engine to do image recognition and diagnostic analysis on medical reports.
  • Financial Risk Management – Smart data retrieval and predictive engine to minimize the risks of financial investments.
  • Consultation in defining a strategy for how to use data and analytics to compete and deployment of the right technology and architecture.